The Nobel Education Network

The Nobel Education Network is a growing family of international schools around the globe, including European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS). These schools work together to equip students aged three to 18 with the knowledge, skills, confidence and desire to make positive contributions to our world. All Nobel Schools are distinguished by a unique World Topic that guides academic inquiry and campus life. Students and educators enjoy opportunities for international collaboration and exchange across the network.

The Nobel Education Network was founded in 2010 to transform education through an innovative model that:

  • Fosters individual strengths and interests to personalise the learning experience.
  • Nurtures global mindedness through cross-cultural collaboration and exchange.
  • Promotes deeper engagement in learning through projects and extracurricular activities that challenge students to apply abstract concepts to real-world concerns.

Through exceptional academics, international exchange and an emphasis on the issues shaping our future, Nobel Schools aim to prepare today’s students to excel in a complex, dynamic and highly interconnected world.

We encourage EIS students to take advantage of short-term, summer and full-year exchanges available through the Nobel network. Students are able to continue their IB curriculum while experiencing another culture. Read about one student’s exchange experience, and a parent’s perspective, or find out more at