World Topics

At every school in the Nobel Education Network, a different “World Topic” guides the academic programme and campus life. These themes reflect the school’s future vision and often its location.

At European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS), the theme of Innovation – reflecting Southeast Asia’s vibrant role in advancing technology and promoting creativity – enriches every aspect of the learning experience.

Innovation at EIS

EIS seeks to integrate the theme of innovation into the learning experience, by encouraging students to experiment, question and incorporate diverse perspectives into their understanding.

We invest in technology and advanced educational resources to support students in building critical skills including communication, collaboration and presentation. Our state-of-the-art Learning Resource Centre provides information literacy and research skills lessons as well as access to extensive educational resources.

Outside the classroom, EIS continues to innovate through exciting programmes like our annual Week Without Walls, an experiential learning programme that builds self confidence and leadership through community service and outdoor team building activities.

Our commitment to innovation extends to our educators, staff and students. We welcome new ideas to enhance the learning experience and life at EIS, because we know that every day is a new day and a new opportunity.