School Fees

Fee schedule for European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS).

New Entry Fees

Administration Fee VND 4,500,000
A one-time, non‐refundable AdministrationFee is to be paid upon submission of the Application Form. Applications can only be processed upon receipt of all documentation and receipt of this fee.
Registration Fee
The Registration Fee confirms a student's entry into EIS. It is to be paid upon a student’s acceptance to the school to reserve his or her place. The Registration Fee is due in the first year only. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Toddler – Kindergarten – Pre-School class VND 16,000,000
Grades 1-12 VND 32,000,000
* When a student moves from Early Years to Grade 1, the difference of Registration Fee will be applied.

Security Deposit VND 45,000,000
Parents can pay tuition quarterly or annually. If choose Quarterly Payment method, parents will make a deposit of VND 45,000,000. The deposit is refundable upon the completion of tuition fee payment. The refund will bear no interest.

Annual Fees

EIS charges an annual Tuition Fee for each student per academic year, payable in full or on a quarterly basis in advance upon receipt of enrolment confirmation by the school.

Age Grade Tuition Fee, paid in full (VND) Tuition Fee, paid quarterly (VND)
2 Toddler Class (half day) 194,454,000 53,475,000
2 Toddler Class (full day) 228,170,000 62,747,000
3-4 Kindergarten 1-2 269,300,000 74,058,000
5 Pre-School 315,000,000 86,625,000
6-8 Grades 1-3 390,000,000 107,250,000
9-10 Grades 4-5 395,000,000 108,625,000
11-13 Grades 6-8 426,500,000 117,288,000
14 Grade 9 475,000,000 130,625,000
15 Grade 10 486,000,000 133,650,000
16-17 Grades 11-12 517,374,000 142,278,000
  • Tuition Fees include netbooks, stationery, rental of text books, mandatory after school activities, and one-day field trip.
  • We offer a sibling discount of 5% for the second child and 10% for any additional child(ren). The sibling discount applies only to annual Tuition Fees.
  • A 2% deduction will apply to payments of full school year Tuition Fees received before 24 April, 2017 for the subsequent school year.
  • 100% waiver of Registration Fee for the second child and more. 
  • 50% waiver of School Bus Fee for the second child and more. 

Payment Information