Our Parent Council

We set a high focus on working together with our Parent Council and parents’ community. We consider it essential that parents and teachers communicate on a regular basis to ensure each child’s well-being and developmental progress. We welcome parents’ opinions and support, and encourage all our parents to take an active part in our parents’ community.

Anke (Angie) Ku

 Angie has been living in HCMC with her family for the past 4 years. Her children, Enna (9) in G4D and Aiden (6) in G1T, were born in Korea where the family lived before moving to Vietnam. 

Angie has worked as a flight attendant for Lufthansa before moving to Korea, where she then started to work as an English teacher for kindergarten and preschool. She believes that this experience enables her to see academic matters from different perspectives and to look at the bigger picture. For meanwhile 4 years, Angie has been dedicating her time to her work as a member of the Parent Council at EIS, that was first founded with her assistance in 2014. She is very thankful that the school has always been open for strong parent involvement and for encouraging the community sense. 

With our children spending a large amount of their day at school, the involvement of parents in school activities is are great way to still be engaged in your children’s day and to become a  companion on their long academic journey. With another year as a member of the PC, Angie will continue to promote parent participation and will support parent’s interests and matters. 

Cheng Lee

 Cheng is currently the Business Development Director for FASHION4FREEDOM, a social enterprise dedicated to preserving heritage craft from Vietnam. She has lived in Vietnam with her family since 2013 and this is her second year at EIS with her son, Lucas who attends K2B. 

Originally from Malaysia, educated in Singapore and the US, she has grown up attending International Schools under the IB curriculum. Cheng has over 15 years of experience in sales and events management, working at leading global events management companies and at DowJones/Reuters. She has lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Singapore and New York where she was involved with several charity events in New York City. Cheng holds a Bachelor of Arts from Mills College, California majoring in Environmental Studies. This is Cheng’s second year as a CPR and PC member for EIS Early Years; she hopes that her experiences will be valuable to the EIS community. 

 Imelda van der Wulp 

Imelda is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her family has been living in HCMC for the past three years. This is her fourth year at EIS with daughters in Grade 9 and 4 and son in Grade 1. Her children really enjoy learning at EIS. Before moving to HCMC she lived in Hong Kong for four years. She loves cooking and spending time with the family. Currently she is  a full-time mom. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Communication and worked in an Advertising Promotion Company in Jakarta as a Marketing Manager. This is her second year being CPR and first year joining PC. It fills her with pride to be involved in the development of the school community. She believes that when parents and school work together, it’s for the benefit of all students, teachers and parents.

 Carmen Keller

 Carmen, originally from South of Germany, has been living in Vietnam for the past 5 years. Her daughters Lisa and Julia have been studying at EIS for three years, and they currently attend Grade 6 and Grade 4, respectively. 

In Germany, Carmen worked for 12 years as Customs Specialist and Business Analyst for Adidas. Before moving to Vietnam, she worked in China and Indonesia, in the hospitality industry and in an International Preschool. 

Carmen has been dedicating her time to EIS community and enjoys being involved in the EIS Events Team and her children’s education. 


 Miquel Gazquez

Miquel is originally from Barcelona and has lived and worked in Asia for more than 15 years. He is living in Vietnam since 2009 and this is his fourth year amongst the EIS community. Miquel is married to Ngoc, and he has two daughters, Alba and Lia, in Garde 3J and K2E respectively. He has studied computer engineering and a graduate in international and intercultural studies (East Asia branch), both at the Univeritat Autónoma of Barcelona, as well as Chinese language studies at Guangxi University in Nanning. 

 Thi Stewart

Thi is 28 years old and has 2 boys who are almost 2 and 3 years old. Currently, both of them are in Toddler class in EIS ( TCE and TCJ). Thi graduated from University of Economic and has 3 years’ experience working for credit assessment at a bank and now, she is a business manager of Technova company which is a distributor of copyrighted licensing for Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle… In her free time, she loves going to the park or the zoo with her family. She is also taking piano class and her favourite is jazz music. 

This is the second year she joins in EIS family and the first time in CPR. She is grateful for amazing group of parents who help foster communication within the school and assist in the development of the school community. The role of the CPR is also to enhance the quality of relationships within the school between teachers, parents/guardians and the children. She will try her best to work with the school and is always happy to listen to any suggestion that parents may have for improving the joint experience at EIS. 

 Deborah Cotter

Deborah has been living in Ho Chi Minh City for the past four and a half years. Originally from Australia, she has spent more than a decade living and working in Asia, including Vietnam, China and Bangladesh. Deborah has two children studying at EIS, one in Grade 2 and one in Pre-school. She feels that the community focus of EIS and the open engagement between the school, teachers and parents is one of its greatest strengths. Deoborah has post graduate qualifications in international law and works in the non-government sector as a consultant.